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SOR Product List

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Ultrasonic & RF Level Transmitters & Switches

Ultra Sonic Level Switch RF Level Switch RF Level Transmitter

SOR manufactures a full line of Electronic Level monitoring equipment for liquids and dry products.  The product line includes:

  • Ultrasonic Point Level Switches
  • RF Single Point Level Switches
  • RF Multipoint Level Switches
  • Ultrasonic Point Level with 4 or 20 maDC Output
  • SORtrax 4 to 20 maDC Continuous Integral or Remote Transmitter
Features: Options:
  • Liquids and Solids Sensing
  • Switching or 4 to 20 maDC Output
  • Field Adjustable Set Points
  • Wide Variety of Sensing Probes
  • Time Delay
  • Pump Logic
  • Flanged Process Connections
  • Sensor Monitoring Relay
  • Agency Approvals

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Mechanical Level Switches

Side Mount Flanged Cage Level Switch Top Mount Displacer Level Switch Side Mount Sealed Cage Level Switch
Side Mount Float Level Switch

SOR's Mechanical Level switches for liquids includes the following:

  • Float Switches
    • Serviceable External Chamber
    • Sealed External Chamber
    • Horizontal External Chamber
    • Top Internal Mount
    • Side Internal Mount
  • One, Two, or Three Stage Displacer Switch - Top Internal Mount
  • Displacer Switch - External Chamber
  • OEM Float Switch - Top and Side Internal Mount
  • OEM Flow Switch - Top Internal Mount
  • Vane Operated Flow Switch - Top Internal Mount
  • Condensate Pots for Steam
  • Manual Checker
  • Replacement Switching Mechanisms
  • Hermetically Sealed Switches
  • Pneumatic Switch Mechanisms

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Pressure & Vacuum Switches

Pressure Switches

SOR offer the most complete line of Pressure and Vacuum Switches in the industry.  The types of switches available are:

  • Pressure and Vacuum- Weathertight and Explosionproof
  • Pivot Seal- for fluid power applications
  • Instrument Air
  • Omni- economical for OEMs
  • Bourdon Tube- for high pressure
  • Big Hermet- pressure and vacuum hermetically sealed
  • Mini-Hermet- pressure and vacuum hermetically sealed
  • Sub-Mini-Hermet- compact pressure
  • Dual Hi-Lo- pressure and vacuum, two switches with one pressure port
  • Adjustable Dead Band- pressure switches
Features: Options:
  • Application Compatibility
  • Custom Switches
  • Adjustable Set Point
  • Overranges up to 12,000 psi (827 bar)
  • Exotic Wetted Parts
  • Fire-Safe Systems
  • Manual Reset
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Adjustable Deadband
  • Agency Approvals
  • Tamper-Proof Set Point
  • Emergency shipments within 24 hours

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Differential Pressure Switches

Opposing Piston Diff. Press. Switch Hi Static Press. Diff. Press. Switch

SOR's family of Differential Pressure Switches cover the full spectrum of applications in industry today.  Devices available are:

  • Low Differential Pressure Switches
  • Low Differential Pressure Switches with High Static Pressure Capability
  • Economical Differential Pressure Switches
  • Opposed Piston Differential Pressure Switches
Features: Options:
  • Excellent Repeatability
  • Minimal Set Point Shift
  • Adjustable Set Point
  • Corrosion-Resistant Housings
  • Sealed Lead Adapter
  • Manual Reset
  • Low Differential Pressure
  • Chemical Seals
  • Hermetically Sealed Switching Elements
  • Agency Approvals
  • Digital Display (transmitters only)

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Temperature Transmitters & Switches

Temperature Switch
Temperature Transmitter

SOR's Temperature Switches and Transmitters are available in the below configurations:

  • Direct Mount Switch
  • Remote Mount Switch
  • Electronic Temperature Control- 4 to 20 maDC + two discrete switching set points
  • Mini-Hermet Transmitter- two-wire 4 to 20 maDC or 1 to 5 VDC output
Features: Options:
  • Remote or Direct Mounting
  • Factory Calibration
  • Ranges to 1,000F (538C)
  • Variety of Switching Elements & Housings
  • One or Two Set Points
  • 4 to 20 maDC Output
  • Agency Approvals
  • Terminal Box

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Call 800-752-9055 for literature and pricing or to make an appointment to have a salesman visit your site.  If you prefer to ask for information via the internet use the "REQUEST INFO" button above or e-mail = sales@rjmsales.com.

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